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One trillion boxes are being transported around the world daily. Delivery One's products are playing a transformational role in the logistics space.

Picksy Lite

It was designed to solve last-mile delivery complication specifically for courier companies. Less is more.

Storage capacity: At your discretion
Storage time: A
t your discretion
Chamber dimensions: A
t your discretion
 At your discretion


Picksy Pro

Delivery One securely stores your autonomously delivered packages. In this way, you can receive or return your packages at a time convenient for you.

Storage capacity: Up to 75 chambers
Storage time: Up to 3 days
Chamber dimensions: Up to 50*50*50 cm dimensions
Resistance: IP54

Picksy Street

We know the problems with the last mile delivery. We are working to establish a network that will solve all logistics problems.

To follow developments closely or to become an investor...

Picksy Street.png
Picksy Air.png

Picksy Air

Delivery One delivers heavy payloads over long ranges, pushing the envelope of what is possible.

Payload: Up to 6 kg total
Range: Up to 50 km
Wind resistance: 8 m/s average, 10 m/s gusts
Default cruise speed: 18 m/s


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