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Delivery One

Delivery One exists to serve an urgent need:

Two billion people worldwide lack adequate access to medical care. Meanwhile, companies and organizations often struggle to transport urgently needed supply to their final destinations due to lack of infrastructure and challenging terrain – leading to slower delivery times and higher costs.

They help reduce the time required to access often vital supplies – from days down to hours, and often even minutes.

As an aviation company, we operate both as a manufacturer of aviation-grade drone technology and as a service provider for a wide range of drone deployments. These include the delivery of medical goods, parcels, food or spare parts, as well as mapping/surveying and inspection/monitoring.

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Our Vision

We create efficient and sustainable drone solutions to improve and save lives. Everywhere.






Our Mission


Delivery One delivers the best user experience to all its customers.

Delivery One builds the future of aviation by continuously disrupting industries with cutting edge technology & quality.

Our team is driven by tackling the world’s challenges through scalable innovations with precision & speed.

We are passionate about creating inclusive opportunities for people in respect with the environment.

Delivery One solutions have a clear civil purpose with human-centered and easy-to-use technology.

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