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  • Is it safe?
    The drone delivery service is very safe and the Delivery One's robots have multiple safety systems in place should there be any issue. In the extremely unlikely event of a total flight failure, the drone has a parachute attached that will deploy and bring it gently to the ground. Delivery One also has additional safety procedures in place for these trials. At any point a trained and licensed pilot can take control of the drone if there is a suspected problem. We also have trained spotters along the route and at the drop-off point and these personnel are in constant radio communication with the pilot and the reserve pilot. 
  • Is it noisy?
    The Delivery One's drone is much less noisy than hobbyist drones you may have seen locally or indeed used yourself. We also fly at a 60m height where the drone cannot be heard at all. For previous trials customer surveys have shown that almost all users felt the drone noise level was very unintrusive and in fact you can't even hear the drones if you're indoors.
  • How long will my delivery take?
    The drone journey itself will be no more than 2 or 3 minutes. However, depending on your order and the number of orders in the queue before you there may be a wait time at busy periods. You will be able to track the status of your order and the drone flight path in the app.
  • Can I order from multiple stores?
    We will have multiple stores on the ordering website, but you will need to place separate orders with each store that you wish to order from. For example, if you wish to order groceries from Tesco and a coffee from a local coffee shop you will need to place 2 separate orders.
  • Will my food be hot when it arrives?
    As the drone journey will only be 2 to 3 minutes your food should be in superb condition when it arrives. Priority will be given to hot food deliveries (and ice cream!) over other items.
  • What is the maximum weight of goods I can order?
    The maximum weight of goods is currently 6 kg. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Currently we do not have a weight calculator but ask you to use your own judgement for now. If your order is heavy, don't worry - we will inform you and automatically cancel the order and you won't be charged. 
  • Is there a limit on the size of package?
    There is a limit on the size of the package. Your order should fit in a package size of 50cm x 50cm x 20cm (about the size of a shoe box!)
  • Will the drone delivery in the wind or rain?
    The drone can technically fly just fine in the rain but for these trials we will pause the service while it's raining. We can also deliver in quite strong winds, but we may choose to suspend the service for safety reasons if there is a persistent and very strong wind.
  • Is there a camera on the drone and does it record?
    For safety management reasons we have a camera on the drone during the flight, but no recording takes place.
  • What is the maximum distance the drone can fly?
    Currently we limit the drone to 7 km radius from our operations base. In Ankara, the testing base is at the METU.
  • What height does the drone fly at?
    The drone flies at approximately 60m height.
  • Is there a pilot to control the drone?
    No. Our custom-built drones are designed to carry goods, not people.
  • How can I partner with Delivery One?
    We're always looking for great partners. Send an email to, and we'll reach out.
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